1.       How often should I test my eyes?

Usually every one to two years, however, your Optometrist may advise a test sooner depending on your eye condition.


2.       Do you test for Glaucoma?

Yes. Our Optometrists will examine you and will advise you accordingly.


3.       If I have a family history of Glaucoma, should I have an eye test?

Yes. Previous studies have suggested a link between Glaucoma and genetics


4.       Is it normal to experience a change in vision over 40 years old?

Yes. As we get older our eyes change in such a way that may make our vision deteriorate; particularly reading. Once our Optometrist examines you, he/she will advise you accordingly.


5.       My eyes “run water and burn”. Should I do an eye test?

Yes. Amongst other conditions, you may be suffering with a condition called Dry Eye. Our Optometrists will examine you and will advise you accordingly.


6.       Can long hours in front of the computer/cellular phone cause a headache?

It is a possible cause for a headache. Our Optometrist will ask you several questions and discuss headaches with you.


7.       Is there anything I can do to prevent blindness?

Regular testing allows for the early detection of ocular diseases and depending on your visual condition; there may be steps you can take to prevent further deterioration.


8.       Do you take ‘walk-ins’ or do I have to make an appointment?

If an Optometrist is available, we will test you immediately; if not, you’ll be attended to as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can make an appointment if you wish.


9.       Do you test for Contact Lenses?

Yes. Our Optometrists will examine you and will advise you to determine if contacts are right for you.


10.   Do you test for cataract?

Yes. Our Optometrists will examine you and will advise you accordingly.


11.   Will my vision change during or after pregnancy?

Yes, it is possible. This may be due to hormonal changes.


12.   If I am diabetic, should I test my blood sugar before coming to the Optometrist?

Yes. We strongly advise that you do.


13.   Can Diabetes affect my vision?



14.   Do you fill out Insurance Claim Forms?

Yes, please bring in your forms.


15.   Do you provide safety glasses?

Yes, you can choose from our selection of Safety frames.


16.   What should I bring to my eye examination?

Current medications, most recent Glasses/prescription and any information regarding your eyes. (If you are a Diabetic, please ensure you test your blood sugar before the eye examination.)


17.   Do you repair eyewear?

Yes. Based on assessment of your eyewear, our technician will advise you accordingly.


18.   Can I reuse my frame?

Yes, depending on the condition of your frame, and the type of lens chosen. However this done at your own risk.


19.   Are appointments necessary?

No, appointments are not necessary but are advisable to reduce your wait time.